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I recently had the opportunity to teach a Cast Iron Cooking Workshop for the 2021 National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art & Practices, virtual conference! I taught participants how to make a crispy crust pizza in a cast iron skillet, using the high heat and heat retention properties to our advantage!


Gallery 4'11" came to be around 2014 to exhibit a show for an end of semester graduate review, which was the winning proposal for a "tiny gallery" in New York state. The original exhibition was titled Tiny Iron: 26 Objects of Obsession and was exhibited for a month. Since then, Gallery 4'11" has only had one other (undocumented) exhibition. The gallery is now under construction in preparation for multiple exhibitions in the coming months. A dedicated gallery page under the portfolio tab explaining and documenting this project is coming soon!

I have been a member of the installation crew and supervisor of installations for the Yokna Sculpture trail in Oxford, Mississsippi since it started in 2015. Every spring is filled with the coming and going of artists and public sculptures, totaling almost 20 concrete pads in four different locations in the Oxford and University communities! I am also working on a ~12 foot tall sculpture for the Sculpture Trail as one of the artists! This will be house number two in a series, new in its conception, that is about finding "home" in the places that feel far from it.

Also in the works are a series of cast iron bags which will have steel "ropes" tied around them. Each rope will be manipulated to look as if it is interacting with the human body and weighing it down or holding it back. The bags represent those things that weigh us down, cause anxiety or stress, and ultimately are things that we should let go of. This series is titled "Let that Shit Go" and will include one bag who's rope appears to have been severed.  

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