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 Work in Progress

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There is always something happening around the studio!

Work in Progress: This series of cast iron sacks was started in 2019 with the largest sack, featured here. Each sack in the series will be "tied" with a steel "rope," manipulated to look as if it is interacting with the human body. The sacks represent those things that weigh us down, cause anxiety or stress, and ultimately are things that we should let go. This series is titled "Let that Shit Go" and will include one bag who's rope appears to have been severed! The chasing and clean up process for the castings is underway...


Work in Progress: Another long legged house is in the works, this one drawing inspiration from a four square style farm house. I used maquettes at 1/10th scale to work out the roof line and appropriate roof-to-house ratio, and then a maquette at scale to test out how it might accommodate the solar light to be installed at its completion. As I source materials for the long leg and construction of the house, building will begin!

Steamroller Printmaking - An event sponsored by UM Printmaking offered participants the opportunity to print very large matrices. I was able to print a ~4 foot doily carved out of foam, and had some laughs as the steamroller squished and printed a whoopie cushion. Lots of possibilities are in the mix for the future of these prints and more two-dimensional work.

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